About MotoGP Indy Weekend September 12-14

The Indianapolis MotoGP races this September 12-14 will attract motorcycle enthusiasts from around the Midwest. Between 1.5 and 2 million motorcycles are registered within an easy day’s drive of Indianapolis. MotoGP, referred to by Harley riders as “the imports”, is a very international sport, and attracts an international crowd–the teams, the suppliers, vendors, hangers-on, the idle rich. It is big money, stupifyingly brave drivers, beautiful women, and global paparazzi up the you know what. (Harley Davidson bikes running in a separate racing circuit, the AMA National Flat Track series, have a series stop that Saturday at the Fairgrounds, which will draw another set of fans to the city.) The MotoGP race is the big deal.

Race weekend at the track goes like this. Friday is carburetion, Saturday is quals, or is it vice versa? For sure, Sunday is 3 separate races–125cc, 250cc and the big bikes, up to 800 cc. Class basketball for imported motorcycles. The MotoGP stop at Laguna Seca, since its inception in 2005, has been limited to just the big bikes. Indianapolis will have all three classes for carb, quals and racing, which may attract a few more fans of smaller bikes.

Suffice it to say, lots of people and bikes in town.

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