Mediterrano Cafe – Superb Food, Great Value

Mediterranean food at its best; great value.

Here’s a tip you’ll thank me for. The best–by far, in my opinion–Greek Mediterranean food in Indianapolis. Mediterrano Cafe. It comes to you in a modest storefront in a modest strip mall in a modest area of Castleton, at the northeast corner of the circle, where Allisonville Rd meets I-465.

In short, one of the best lunch buffets in the city for $10 including your beverage

Dinner buffet is bigger and better, if you’re looking for bigger and better. For me, lunch is superb. Your breath will be a wreck for two days unless you take measures. Tipping neither necessary nor expected. At the good tables you can see your bike from your seat. Plenty of vegetarian choices, but the meats rule.

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One Response to “Mediterrano Cafe – Superb Food, Great Value”

  1. rhodeslesstraveled Says:

    I’ve tried this restaurant about a year ago when I attended a birthday party and the food was great. fresh ingredients!
    check out for more articles and images


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