Overheard: Casey Stoner and “Those German Marshals”

When Repsol Honda pilot Casey Stoner slid off the track at the next-to-final turn in the German Grand Prix, he was unhurt, and his bike, though partially buried in the gravel in the run-off area, was undamaged and still running.  During an interview after the race, Stoner complained that the German race marshals refused to help him right his machine, thus preventing his re-entering the race, possibly costing him valuable points.  Our hidden microphones captured the exchange between Casey and the Wettkampfrichter (race marshals), Hans and Franz:

Stoner:  “Hurry, guys, help me here!”

Hans:  “Nicht so schnell, Engländer.  Ihre Papiere, bitte.“  (Not so fast, Englishman.  Your papers, please.)

Stoner: “Hey, I’m not &%#$@ English, I’m Australian, and I need to get back in this #$%@& race, right now.  Verstehen Sie? (Understand?)

Franz:  “Ihr Name, Engländer?”  (Your name, Englishman?)

Stoner:  “My name is Stoner, Casey &%$#@ Stoner.  I’m the world champion, and I’m in this $#@% race.  Now move your fat arses and help me with this bike!”

Hans:  “Haben Sie schon von dem großen Stefan Bradl gehört?“  (Have you heard of the great Stefan Bradl?)

Stoner:  “The great Stefan Bradl is a rookie punk who couldn’t carry my golf clubs!  Now pick up this #$^@ bike!”

Hans (to Franz)  “Dieses Kind hat schlechte Manieren, tut er nicht?  (This child has bad manners, don’t you think?)

Franz:  “Herr Stoner, Sie sind auf der Flucht vor etwas?“  (Mr. Stoner, are you running away from something?)

Stoner: “&%$@#”

Hans:  “Wir müssen einen Ausweis sehen und natürlich zu unseren Vorgesetzten zu sprechen.“  (We will have to see your papers and of course speak with our superiors.)

Stoner:  “%$@#&   %&#@  #$@&%   %^$@#, and $#%@# yourselves!”

Franz:  “Traurigerweise scheint das Rennen vorbei zu sein. Viel Glück mit Ihrem Motorrad, Engländer.  (Sadly, the race now appears to be over.  Good luck with your motorbike, Englishman.)

Hans:  “Bis zum nächsten Mal, Herr Stoner.” (Until next time…)

Stoner:  “You haven’t heard the last of this, you BASTARDS.”

Franz (to Hans)  “Herr Stoner sollte vorsichtiger sein in Zukunft, aber sicher!  Har!“  (He should be more careful in the future, don’t you think?  Har!)

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