The Times They Are A-Changing

So, first Valentino Rossi cuts Jeremy Burgess loose.  Then, Honda re-assigns Alberto Puig from his job as Svengali to Dani Pedrosa to developing young talent for HRC.  One gets the sense that both Rossi and Pedrosa are seen by their respective employers as being on the back nines of their careers, and the expensive advisors who have been with them since, like, forever, are no longer a good investment.  Colin Edwards is a relic, and appears to be being retained simply in order to mentor his new teammate.  If he is on the team in 2015 I’ll buy you a good cigar.  The racing world is holding its breath awaiting the arrival of Alex Rins in the premier class.

Meanwhile, Marquez, the Espargaro brothers, and Scott Redding are the new young guns, the guys who will challenge for Alien status for the next five years.  Jorge Lorenzo will be working his ass off to keep Marquez from eclipsing Kenny Roberts’ record of three world championships in his first three years, but is unlikely to succeed in his efforts.  If Marquez can avoid meaningful injuries–a dubious prospect, given his riding style–he could win the next eight titles without breaking a sweat.  The return of Suzuki and Aprilia to full factory status in the next two years will have no effect on that.

Ezpeleta and Company will continue their mission of trying to level the playing field and dumbing down the equipment, hoping to end the domination of Spanish riders at the expense of the sport worldwide.  He would be better off supporting junior racing leagues in Italy, England and the United States, grooming some younger talent who could then arrive in Moto3 with some kind of chance to compete with the Spanish kids who’ve been racing since they were 10 years old.

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