Mir Confirmed at Suzuki for 2019-2020

Mir announcement

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3 Responses to “Mir Confirmed at Suzuki for 2019-2020”

  1. Old MOron Says:

    Mir, Rins, Vinales… Hopkins, Suzuki likes ’em young.


  2. Bryan B Townsend Says:

    Long term this might be a good move, but Iannone would probably have better results next year.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      Maybe, but this Mir kid has Alien written all over him. 20 years old, same as Marquez when he came up. Guy is fast. He has managed the learning curve in Moto2 pretty quickly; I expect he will do much the same on the Gixxer. Suzuki probably made the decision last year when Iannone was a dumpster fire. Enjoy the races.


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