How Do Our Tranches Compare to

© Bruce Allen   07/03/2018

MO Tranching After Eight Rounds

Tranche 1:   Marquez

Tranche 2:   Rossi, Vinales, Zarco, Rins, Crutchlow, Dovizioso, Lorenzo and Iannone

Tranche 3:   Miller, P Espargaro, Bautista, Petrucci, Rabat, Pedrosa

Tranche 4:   Morbidelli, Syahrin, A Espargaro, Nakagami

Tranche 5:   Redding, Smith, Abraham, Luthi and Simeo Ratings: Assen 


10               Marquez

9, 8             Rins, Rossi, Vinales, Dovizioso, Crutchlow

7                 Bautista, P Espargaro, A Espargaro, Redding, Miller, Zarco

6                 Abraham, Smith, Petrucci, Syahrin, Nakagami, Iannone

5, 4, 3         Simeon, Rabat, Luthi, Pedrosa

Not classified          Morbidelli (injured)

Please keep in mind that our tranches factor in momentum, either positive or negative, as well as the competitiveness of the bike, over the entire season, rather than a snapshot of just one race. For example, Tito Rabat is not having a Tranche 5 season. More of a “body of work” approach. Just sayin’. Otherwise, I believe the rankings are comparable.

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6 Responses to “How Do Our Tranches Compare to”

  1. Vrooom Says:

    Seems hard to believe Pedrosa is in the bottom category despite his finish in the last couple of races. Also no Lorenzo on Crash? That’s an oversight.


  2. Vrooom Says:

    Also no Rins in your tranching Bruce. that has to be a cut and paste error, I know you’d have him either 2 or 3 (no argument there at all).


  3. Old MOron Says:

    David Emmett doesn’t dare to have a tranche system for fear of contradicting you, Brucey!


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I like him. He was helpful to me in Indianapolis in 2008 when I was trying to figure this stuff out. I thought his name was Kropotkin. I aim for a somewhat knowledgeable audience. He aims for the guys who cut the gears for their customized transmissions by hand, then go racing at 180 mph.


      • Old MOron Says:

        Yes, David is a good guy – but I’ve mostly lost interest in him.
        He’s very knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, good with language, etc. The part that disinterests me is that he seems to be Carmelo’s lap dog. I’ve never seen him criticize anything about Moto GP. It stands to reason.

        He makes his living by being a MotoGP commentator. If he alienates anyone in the paddock, there goes his bread-and-butter. As things stand, he has access to lots of paddock insiders. This makes him well-informed. But his dependence on those same contacts also makes him docile.

        I hope “docile” doesn’t sound pejorative. I’m not critical of him, just no longer interested.


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