Random Photos from Mugello

Images, um, obtained by Bruce Allen

Screenshot (113)

Riders at Mugello

Bagnaia Mugello 2019

Pecco Bagnaia


Dovi Mugello 2019


Lorenzo Mugello 2019

The Spartan

Marquez Mugello 2019

ReMarcable Marquez

Marquez2 Mugello 2019

ReMarcable Marquez2

PEspargaro Mugello 2019

Pol Espargaro

Petrux Mugello 2019

Daring Danilo Petrucci

Rins Mugello 2019

Alex Rins

Rossi Mugello 2019

Dr. Rossi

Screenshot (76)

Naughty Fenati in Moto3


The Women of Mugello

Fabio MugelloJack Miller MugelloNakagami MugelloScreenshot (84)Screenshot (102)Vinales Mugello

Local Color–Ponte Vecchio and Rossiland

Ponte VecchioScreenshot (92)Screenshot (91)

Two Guys with Bright Futures

Screenshot (86)

Fabio Last Name No Longer Necessary

Screenshot (88)

Franco Last Name No Longer Necessary, Either

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7 Responses to “Random Photos from Mugello”

  1. Starmag Says:

    Thanks for not letting me down. As I was scrolling through the riders, I was thinking, yes, but where are the women of Mugello? Seriously.

    “The Spartan” lol.


  2. Old MOron Says:

    Brucey, we all love your MotoGP commentary. But it’s high time you began a Brolly Girl GP section.


    • Anonymous Says:

      I know, but have you noticed the poor image quality that arises from screen grabs from video. All the women are slightly blurred, as if one has had five drinks. Don’t know how to fix this, or how to avoid the lawsuit that will ultimately come my way from Sr. Ezpeleta.


  3. Buzz W Says:

    How come Ducati is the only one with the chingas around the brake rotor?


  4. Mad4TheCrest Says:

    That Ducati tail section is absolutely the ugliest bit ever placed on a GP bike. Looks like a mailbox that’s been hit by a baseball bat. The 2005/6 Ducati GP bike was the most beautiful ride on the grid. Boy has that ship sailed.


    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah, but any number of riders can make it go fast now, rather than just Stoner. I’ll take speed over aesthetics when it comes to racing. Other way around if I just have it sitting in my garage or living room.


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