So near and not so far away?

© Bruce Allen     June 19, 2019

Okay, so maybe Nick Harris has lost a step. His headline writer certainly has. But he has still forgotten more about this sport than I’ve ever known. In his unceasing efforts to be as British as possible he has painted himself into a corner with this headline which, though somewhat overused, generally drops the “not” so that it makes some ironic sense, at least. So near, and yet so far away. Cue Gone with the Wind: Oh, Ashley, oh, Ashley…

“Hey Nick how’s it going over there? How about 500 woids on this new Frenchie kid Quasimoto by Monday? Tanks.” would probably be very unhappy with any product I might deliver under such conditions in the unlikely event they were to ever make the offer. I would, however, give them a better headline. “Rookie Quartararo barges into contention!”


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5 Responses to “So near and not so far away?”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Got into the hooch tonight?


  2. Mad4TheCrest Says:

    Tight deadlines to write about topics that are meant to be light fluff buzz-builders (“Oh Look, Will this new kid eclipse all other stars in the firmament? Stay tuned!”), have got to be a PIA, especially if you have to give up hours from a weekend. I wouldn’t expect anyone, let alone Nick, to write a Pulitzer piece under the circumstances.


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