Check Out My New Yamaha CLP-745

© Bruce Allen   April 1, 2021 (lol)

Keeping it in the family room until it starts leaking oil, then will move it to the garage. Badass.

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12 Responses to “Check Out My New Yamaha CLP-745”

  1. Vrooom Says:

    It makes your butt look fast Bruce.

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  2. Dale Mensch Says:

    I worked with a guy who said that he would always have a piano that was worth more than his car. As my father-in-law says (and I’ve found to be universally true), “other peoples’ hobbies are stupid” 😉

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  3. Starmag Says:

    Congrats. If you haven’t already, now is the time to learn the rolling left hand of Boogie Woogie. If that doesn’t make it leak oil and/or make people dance in your living room (or garage), nothing will.

    Now for the Motogp tie-in:

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    • Bruce Allen Says:

      It has a string bass voice for the bottom two octaves I’m learning to love.


      • Starmag Says:

        Slappish, mellow, both? Maybe you would clue me a song you like to use it for.

        I looked at their site. These seem like they are aimed at the classical player by the nuance of samples, attention to touch and such.

        Does this do player piano with moving keys? Those are sweet for cocktail parties when the host is too busy serving to play.

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  4. Starmag Says:

    You didn’t like what I posted? I thought you would have loved it. Swing and a miss I guess.


  5. prakasit Says:

    You do well on your Yamaha, Bruce. The power that be will consider sending you up to the factory team.

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  6. Michael H Coleman Says:

    No tyre warmers?
    Old Mike
    Ontario, Canada

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  7. Bruce Allen Says:

    Has probably 50 voices, from Bosendorfer to a choir. I bluetooth my music in from my phone, get in tune, and play with the band. Been playing since I was 7, this stuff since my teens. Keeps me off the streets.


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