August 2021–on hiatus

We are having to take a break while dealing with some health issues at home.

Congratulations to Jorge Martin for popping his premier class cherry. Dude is going to win a lot more races. Congratulations to Raul Fernandez for his promotion to the bigs. Congratulations to Petronas Yamaha for approaching the end of the silly season with no riders signed for 2022, once Frankie leaves. Congratulations to Vinny for taking his career in his hands and giving it a good, solid whack. Adios to Danilo and Iker, see you in WSBK.

I look forward to things returning to the new normal later in the season, whence I will re-commence this patter in hopes of a championship race tightening up, and generating more of your always-entertaining comments.


14 Responses to “August 2021–on hiatus”

  1. Starmag Says:

    Understood. It’s always a pleasure to see what you have to say, but you are dealing with life’s most difficult adversity at the moment. Take as long as you need. Strength and best wishes to you.

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  2. Michael Coleman Says:

    Hello Bruce, take care and I hope everything goes well.
    Old Mike in Canada

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  3. Buzz Says:

    I few more crashes and Rossi might have gotten a podium!

    I was going to suggest Bruce, just post results and let some of the astute commenters fill in the rest.

    Good on Jorge Martin for getting his first. The young guns are coming on strong.


  4. Vrooom Says:

    Hope you have as much luck and health as the law allows, maybe a bit more. We’ll look forward to your “insightful” commentary when you return!


  5. Allison Sullivan Says:

    Best wishes, Bruce. We’ll still be here when you come back. Take care.


  6. Old MOron Says:

    Congratulations to Petronas…
    Ha ha ha! Brilliant.
    Like Allison says, we’ll be here when you get back.
    In the meantime, we’ll keep you in our thoughts.


  7. Buzz Says:

    Looks like Pop Gun has been yanked for the 2nd Austrian race by Yamaha for trying to blow up his engine like Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder.

    He must be a huge Tom Cruise fan!


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  9. Buzz Says:

    Cole Trickle officially signs with Aprilia


    • Old MOron Says:

      I wonder if they chose him over Dovi, or if Dovi declined first.
      I have a feeling Dovi doesn’t think the bike is ready. Could signal bad days in Trickle’s future. On the other hand, Trickle did a fair job one the developing Suzuki years ago.


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