MotoGP 2022 Round 14 Results: Misano

Spoiler Alert. Although you, the reader, may be hard pressed to find them, the results from all three of Sunday’s MotoGP menu items are buried in here somewhere. I’m looking out from the porch of my oceanfront condo, ogling “…all the tourists covered with oil.” Since you’ve probably already watched the races and are up to speed on results and 2022 standings, this vacation piece will be even more superficial than usual, just a recordkeeping device until October, when I start giving MotoGP my full attention as titles are decided.

In Moto3, we saw an all-day joust between rising stars Dennis Foggia (winner at Misano for the last three years), baby-faced Jaume Masia, NKIT Izan Guevara (my bet as the second coming of Marc Marquez), and Dennis Oncu, who has two dots on top of the O and rode today with 1.0 shoulders and 1.5 arms, doing well to not pass out from the pain and heat. Although teenager Guevara led for most of the day, he ended the day in P3 because it’s Moto3. He did manage to take the lead in the 2022 championship, which must have assuaged his pain somewhat. A fascinating season continues.

Moto2 was won by the seventh first-time Moto2 winner this year, one Alonso Lopez. Left without a ride at the start of the season, he sat around, doing sit-ups, until someone like, say, Romano Fenati self-destructed after Round 4, allowing Lopez to return from exile, with a future so bright he has to wear shades. At one point the lead group in today’s race was comprised of five riders, all of whose first names begin with the letter A:

A Lopez

A Arenas

A Canet

A Fernandez

A Ogura

This is the type of razor-edged reporting you can’t find just anywhere.

Incidentally, series leader Celestino Vietti crashed out again, today from P4, as his dream season in April has turned into a September nightmare. 70 points in the first three rounds; 86 points in the last 11. Bummer, dude. Augusto Fernandez, his ticket punched into MotoGP next season, now leads his only contender, Ogura, by a scant four points with six rounds left. Ogura, too, has his ticket punched to the premier class next season, presumably on an LCR Honda.

In MotoGP, Pecco Bagnaia became the first Ducati pilot EVER to record four wins in a row, putting him smack dab in the middle of the championship conversation. He held off future teammate Enea Bastianini for most of the day and looked to have things wrapped up, until EBas tipped his bike to the left heading for the flag and came within .03 seconds of catching Bagnaia. Fabio Quartararo’s Yamaha was not up to the task today, but FQ was able to limit the damage to his championship hopes, with a number of friendly tracks yet to come. At the flag it was Pecco, EBas and Maverick Vinales, standing on the podium a year after making his Aprilia debut, Cole Trickle having, at least for now, the last laugh. For the year, Fabio now leads Bagnaia by 30 points and Aleix by 33. Someone is going to have to figure out a way to slow down Bagnaia unless they want to keep hearing the Italian national anthem week after week.

For the record, Andrea Dovizioso’s MotoGP career came to an unceremonious end today with a P12 in his final ride. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall hearing his name called one during the race. For all veteran riders, the formula for determining when to retire looks like this:

BYR (Best Year to Retire) = AYR (Actual Year of Retirement) -1. Reference Valentino Rossi, Colin Edwards, etc.

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14 Responses to “MotoGP 2022 Round 14 Results: Misano”

  1. Starmag Says:

    El Diablo started too far back with a lower power Yamaha for the level of talent out there now. Still a nice lead in the championship, but Baggy is tightening the screws. Kudos to Bags for 4 in a row. The race itself wasn’t a snoozer, but not very exciting either. Is it the aero as some claim?

    I still think Dorna needs to address Ducati’s 4 bike advantage in data. Maybe Dorna feels sorry for them and allows it for an advantage.

    I don’t want Antman to come back to Honda. They are lost. He has got the shit kicked out of him with the high siding Honda over the years, so they changed the front/rear weight distribution and it still does it, (not just to him) and seems like the only bike that does. He’d be fun to watch on a Aprilia, which Hodgey today proclaimed the best bike on the grid. It may be.

    Speaking of Aprilia, I won’t be able to pick on Pop Gun if he keeps this up. Glad to see his confidence returning.

    The Beast had a front end save early rarely seen outside of Antman. Ducati made the right decision there IMO.


    • Old MOron Says:

      Beastie had two great saves, one MM style lowside save early in the race, and that last-lap affair where he almost ran up Pecco’s tail pipe. Not a lot of passing today, but lots of suspense just the same.


  2. Old MOron Says:

    BYR = AYR – 1
    Ah-hahaha haha haha!

    Oh a more serious note, that reminds me of a Chinese proverb:
    The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.
    The second-best time is today.


  3. Old MOron Says:

    I wonder if race motorcycle manufacturers are doomed to a certain development cycle.

    The Evil Empire started out to build the best bike, one anybody could win on. They even famously drove Valentino away. Now they have a bike that nobody but Marquez can ride.

    Seem to have started with a bike that was great for many riders. Valentino, Lorenzo, Morbi, Cole Trickle,… now only Fabio can finish anywhere near the front on it.

    Started out with a bike that only Casey could ride. Valentino’s famous failure turned them around. Now they dominate the front of the grid.

    How long before Honda and Yamaha build good bikes again? How long before Ducati build another Stoner bike?

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    • Buzz Says:

      The Evil Empire HAD a bike only Marquez could ride. Now, not even MM can ride it without quality medical insurance.

      The Yamaha needs to get all ate up with motor and soon.


  4. Vrooom Says:

    A clever formula. At least on the broadcast I saw I think they mentioned Dovi twice. The Bag man is looking unstoppable, Quartaro is going to need a friendly track or 3. How nice to have a close championship. I don’t know if Marquez would enter into the picture if he was healthy, but it’s nice to not watch his parades.


  5. Old MOron Says:

    So Marky-marc is back. I’m guessing this will be bad for Fabio. In their previous four visits to Aragon:

    BaggyEyes has a win (last year) and a 2nd place.

    Marc has three wins and a 2nd place.

    Fabio has been nowhere near the front.

    Since Marc is probably not completely recovered yet, the worst case for Fabio does not seem unlikely: Baggy wins and Marc finishes between them.

    In fact most (if not all) of the Ducs are likely to finish ahead of Fabio, too, plus both Aprilias. Maybe Alex Rins on the Suzuki. Holy crap! Fabio must be dreading the weekend.


    • Starmag Says:

      Just read Antman’s comments. I won’t be looking for him to be near the front. Miracle if he is. He’s only been working out for two weeks and is weak on right handers.

      He’s still ahead of Pol in points. Lol. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Mr. Asparagus. I remember thinking Pol was a bad move when it was announced. I’m not sure Mir will fare much better.

      Baggy is looking tough. El Diablo seems happy with the power increase for 2023, but that won’t help him this year.


  6. Old MOron Says:

    Oh, it doesn’t look good for our diabolical French hero, folks.


  7. Old MOron Says:

    Okay, Marc couldn’t get out of Q1, but he can still make slides and saves like he used to!


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