Hey guys, and Allison. This is the code to get you in to our fantasy league for 2023. Put your money where your mouth is and play with us. There is a limit of 40 players. First come, first serve.

Any questions, contact spiff–find him in the comments section of the season preview.

I have no idea how to play, but will figure it out. Kind of like my race coverage.

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3 Responses to “PLAY FANTASY MOTOGP IN 2023”

  1. Buzz Says:

    I’m in! Have no idea what I’m doing.


  2. dmensch Says:

    I may have stupidly named my entry “CMCLK26L” while trying to find the right league. Anyone know how to change that? :-\


  3. Bruce Allen Says:

    You’re probably stuck with it. No worries. Old balls.


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