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  1. Gianluca Pezzi Says:

    In Italy’s overblown world of motoring, formula one, and other hedonism associated with anything that’s fast, there is also a niche market of passionate, understated fans following the world of motorcycling.

    Two Wheels Blog, a new initiative from blogo.it, is dedicated to the motorcycling sector in Italy: with everything from championships, to new models released, our favourite brands, photos and videos, we’re hoping to give voice to the dedicated motorcycling community around these parts.

    So far we’ve written about our testing of the new Beta Urban, included a video on a new BMW, written about the new Halley, and reviewed all the style of the Italian scootering tradition. We have a photo of the day spot, where readers can send their best pics from around the world, and you can point us to news or make comments.

    A new iniative Two Wheels Blog is for readers interested in what’s happening on the motorcycling scene in Italy. Check it out at http://www.twowheelsblog.com.

    Thanks and all the best from

    Two Wheels.


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