Getting Around

Indianapolis is a pretty easy town to get around and about, at least when there aren’t a quarter of a million enthusiastic motor sports fans hanging out to see and be seen. 465 is the circular freeway. I-69 comes in from the northeast and becomes Binford Blvd. I-70 splits the city running east and west. I-65 splits the city running northwest to southeast. I-74 comes in from Cincinnati, becomes 465 West for awhile, then exits on the northwest heading to beautiful Peoria. Indiana 37 exits 465 on the southwest side and takes you to Bloomington. The airport sits where I-70 hits 465 on the west side. Inside 465, the city is laid out in a basic grid, with numbered streets, all east-west, starting downtown and getting bigger as you head north. Meridian St. divides the city’s east and west, as any good meridian should. The map shows you where some of the more interesting areas of town can be found.



Broad Ripple

Mass Ave

Fountain Square

Freeway Map

Great link to the neighborhoods of Indianapolis.

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