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A Few Last Words on the 2015 Finale

November 10, 2015

Un momento del duello tra Valentino Rossi e Marc Marquez (D) finito con la caduta dello spagnolo della Honda, Sepang, 25 ottobre 2015. ANSA/SKY SPORT ++ NO SALES, EDITORIAL USE ONLY ++

Having given the last three rounds of MotoGP some thought, more than they deserve, I have reached the following conclusion.  It is advice I would give Rossi if I had a deep, dramatic Spanish accent to my English.  Had I such an accent and delivery, I would say to Valentino, in that voice, “If, Valentino, in the few years you have left, you wish to avoid having an enraged young  bull getting deeply in your SHIT on the racetrack, perhaps it would be wise not to wave a large red flag in his face and insult his integrity at the same time.  Yes, perhaps that would be better.”

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