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Stoner and Hayden Now Teammates

Stoner and Hayden Now Teammates

I’ll be “covering” the entire MotoGP season this year for  “Covering” is in quotes because they won’t actually be sending me to the races.  Rather, I’ll be watching them on TV or reading about them at the MotoGP website and the other sites that actually send reporters to the venues.  We’re on a budget here, I’m new at this motorcycle racing stuff, and it just doesn’t make good sense to send me flying around the world in order that I can more accurately post my inane comments about the races.  I’ll just do like I’ve always done and make the stuff up as I go.

That being said, it promises to be an exciting season.  The main thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Nicky Hayden riding the big red Ducati.  There are a few rule changes, several different venues, and lots of European and Asian sturm und drang that most Americans couldn’t care less about.  Including me.  However, I’ll be writing my pre- and post-race reports in my inimitable style, in the hope of generating a few laughs, with or without the real information you can easily find elsewhere.

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