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August 24, 2020

Good news for you gearheads who prefer to share your comments and criticisms on DISQUS rather than going through the hassle of signing up at the site.

My man Evans has agreed to allow me to re-post my articles in the Comments section of articles on MO that are MotoGP-related, i.e., press releases after races that Dennis Chung kindly posts.

Beginning in Misano, I hope to share my stuff in the Comments section itself, one big cut-and-paste job each week. There will be no images on MO, but I will continue to steal-and-paste them into the blog posts.

The only reason left for me to work hard on MotoGP is the giggles I get from reading your comments and kibbitzing on your arguments amongst yerselves. No money, no fame, no glory, just a few laughs.

I’m not sure at this time whether DISQUS has a character limit on its comments; I think not. If so, I may have to post Part 1 and Part 2 occasionally. No big deal.

Everyone who cares–take a moment out of your busy lives and give Evans a little love. He’s doing what he can to keep my thoughts and prayers flowing to you MOrons.


Plagiarized by Kropotkin?

May 16, 2019


I’ve been writing online for a dozen years, and on for a decade. MO allows basically any site on earth to re-post my work, which is cool. However, this is the first time I’ve ever noticed a racing authority like David Emmett flirting with stealing my stuff.

Here is part of the lead paragraph in my Jerez results article, which I posted on May 5th:

“Four riders were separated by nine points heading to Jerez; four riders remain separated by nine points heading to Le Mans. Life is good.”

Here is a fragment of David’s recent article posted on on May 14th:

“After Austin, the third race of the season, the top four in the championship were separated by just nine points. After Jerez, race four, the top four are still separated by just nine points, but now in a completely different order. Life is pretty good at the moment if you are a MotoGP™ fan…”

Ignoring the fact that I’m green with jealousy at David’s appearance on the MotoGP website, does anyone agree that the two fragments are disarmingly similar? Or, for that matter, that David’s is excessively wordy? Asking for a friend.

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February 19, 2009

Stoner and Hayden Now Teammates

Stoner and Hayden Now Teammates

I’ll be “covering” the entire MotoGP season this year for  “Covering” is in quotes because they won’t actually be sending me to the races.  Rather, I’ll be watching them on TV or reading about them at the MotoGP website and the other sites that actually send reporters to the venues.  We’re on a budget here, I’m new at this motorcycle racing stuff, and it just doesn’t make good sense to send me flying around the world in order that I can more accurately post my inane comments about the races.  I’ll just do like I’ve always done and make the stuff up as I go.

That being said, it promises to be an exciting season.  The main thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Nicky Hayden riding the big red Ducati.  There are a few rule changes, several different venues, and lots of European and Asian sturm und drang that most Americans couldn’t care less about.  Including me.  However, I’ll be writing my pre- and post-race reports in my inimitable style, in the hope of generating a few laughs, with or without the real information you can easily find elsewhere.

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