MotoGP Valencia Setup

© Bruce Allen.                      October 30, 2017

Nine years since Casey Stoner won on a Ducati at Valencia, yet Dovizioso has to win on Sunday or else. Yamahas have done OK, too.

Assume Marquez slides out of the race on Lap 1. I know, I know.

In addition to Dovi, not counting Jorge Lorenzo, who wouldn’t dare, there are still four or five guys who are ready, willing and able to win in Valencia, which means Dovi has his work cut out for him. Guys who could be leading or closing on him as the last lap approaches. Maverick Vinales. Johann Zarco. Rossi? Probably not, for a number of reasons. Dani Pedrosa, Marquez’ wingman for the weekend, who could win the race and give his teammate a title at the same time. Who doesn’t give a shit about Andrea Dovizioso or Ducati. Cal Crutchlow. Aleix.

So, what we may get is what we asked for—a last lap battle for a title—between Dovizioso and somebody, just not Marquez, with nine years of history running against the Italian. Marquez, one believes, is not going to do too much fighting this weekend. Dovi is going to do nothing but fight. And I can’t imagine too many people getting too geeked up watching Dovi win and Marquez finish a distant sixth, say, and winning the title anyway.

If, on the other hand, Marquez is running by himself in 7th place with two laps left, riders who might have been deferring to Dovi, if any, could change their minds and go after him. Even Lorenzo, whose team orders would have likely expired by then. I would pay good money to see Lorenzo and Dovi going neck and neck during the final lap, even with the title effectively out of reach. Lorenzo wanting his first win on the Ducati. Dovi wanting to keep his disappearing title chance alive.

That would be worth the price of admission. In fact, the odds, as I see them, are pretty high that we will have a dramatic last lap or three, with the title possibly on the line. Take THAT, F-1.

If this site had the horsepower, I would offer up a real survey.

Survey: Rider Most Likely to Fight with Dovizioso over the Last Two Laps:

◊ Maverick Vinales
◊ Johann Zarco
◊ Dani Pedrosa
◊ Cal Crutchlow
◊ Aleix Espargaro

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6 Responses to “MotoGP Valencia Setup”

  1. Old MOron Says:

    Hmm, you’re prolly right about Rossi.
    He’s not going to help Marquez by dicing with Dovi.

    As for the other guys, if it rains, then Zarco – and Lorenzo if he dares.

    If it’s dry, all of the above, except Crutchlow and A.Espargaro seem to be slumping lately. Wait, what about the Maniac Joe? Wouldn’t he love to poke Ducati in the eye on last time? He finished on the podium last year. And he fought like hell two weeks ago at Phillip Island. Maybe the Maniac will give us a good show.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      Somebody, PLEASE, give us a last lap we can remember.


      • Old MOron Says:

        C’mon Brucey, you know you want to cheer for the Maniac.
        You can cheer for Rins to beat him next year.


        • Bruce Allen Says:

          I like seventh games. I like watching NCAA men’s basketball teams play on Monday night. World Cup and Olympic finales. I like close horse racing when I’m not even a bettor. (When I’m betting I LOVE horse racing.) Even when I don’t have a dog in the fight, as in Valencia, I pull for a riveting last few laps with the title at stake. Riders’ adrenaline flowing, valves locked open. Crowd going mental, pissing itself. Italy vs. Spain. I want to see Dovi and somebody, not Marquez or Rossi, fighting ANYONE for the last three laps with the championship on the line. More laps if possible. Not like 2013. Not like 2015. Not like 2016.
          The real shit.
          I’m gonna use some of this for my preview next week.


  2. Bryan Townsend (Vrooom) Says:

    Pedrosa makes the most sense as far as someone fighting to keep Dovi away from the win. I think most of the field probably wants it, and it doesn’t make any sense for Marquez to take risks, so Pedrosa gets team orders to keep Dovi from getting a win is my guess.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I agree. I was thinking about the irony of the best rider never to have won a premier class title being ordered to fight to win a race so his teammate can clinch the title. Other than some minor tax issues, Pedro seems to be a stand-up guy who will try to keep Dovi off the top step. Lorenzo has already pledged not to fight for it as long as Marquez is still vertical and scoring points. Said he would help Dovi. Big question as to whether he will. Or would, as Ducati always has problems in Valencia.


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