Jorge Lorenzo is so screwed

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This article captures the situation in the premier class pretty well. Lorenzo will be unable to save his seat. He will take a serious pay cut no matter where he ends up. Suzuki looks the most likely. He could end up on a Yamaha satellite team. He will be a minister without portfolio. Rossi escaped Ducati with most of his skills intact and a place at Yamaha for as long as he wanted it. Lorenzo, presuming another gruesome outing in Mugello next weekend, appears to have few good options available going forward.


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2 Responses to “Jorge Lorenzo is so screwed”

  1. Bryan Townsend (Vrooom) Says:

    I can’t imagine Ducati wants him as much as that article seems to imply, and that isn’t much. The guy they pay 1/5th as much as him eats his lunch every weekend, and Lorenzo doesn’t help his teammate at all despite team orders, and in fact does the opposite. Give Lorenzo a Kawasaki or Ducati in WSB and he’d dominate. He could still do well in GP, but he won’t get a factory ride, which unless your last name is Zarco or Crutchlow is a big impediment.


  2. Old MOron Says:

    “There is already a deadline being put on the resolution of his future: two races. An ultimatum has been issued to the 31-year-old: either he achieves great results at Le Mans or Mugello or his journey with the Borgo Panigale outfit will come to an end.”

    Wow, he already failed to deliver at Le Mans. And he failed pretty miserably because two satellite riders finished ahead of him. That means Mugello is his last hope. But it would seem to be a strong hope.

    JoLo has five wins at Mugello. In his rookie year, he crashed out, but since then he has been on the podium EVERY SINGLE YEAR, except for last year on the Ducati.

    Last year he finished 8th. He’ll need to improve significantly in the next ten days. I guess that’s just what he has in mind. According to David Emmett, JoLo was the first rider on track at the recent tire test.

    Dovi won last year’s Mugello, so the bike is capable. Good luck, Jorge. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


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