Rumor: Mir to Suzuki in 2019

© Bruce Allen   May 25. 2018

Sounds like Honda’s MotoGP program has lost out again.

Apparently being Marc Marquez’s garagemate isn’t the most highly sought-after gig in the paddock. First they lose Zarco to KTM, now apparently Mir to Suzuki. Pecco Bagnaia has already signed with Pramac Ducati. Does HRC really want to invest another two years in the loyal but flawed Dani Pedrosa? Hard to imagine.

Joan Mir

Will we read about Mir signing with Suzuki in the next few weeks?  Bummer for HRC.

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3 Responses to “Rumor: Mir to Suzuki in 2019”

  1. Bryan Townsend (Vrooom) Says:

    Lorenzo to Honda? Those two were meant to be together.


  2. Sapa Lobo Says:

    I still think Suzuki is screwing up their program. Yeah they get Mir, but they dropped the ball on the satellite team.


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