MotoGP 2020 and The Domino Theory

© Bruce Allen

For those of you too disgustingly young to remember, in the game of post-WWII geopolitics, many on the right found credence in the following graphic as it relates to the spread of Global Communism, the evil to end all evils. This theory was what got us into Vietnam.

Domino Theory

First it was the cancellation of Round 1 in Qatar (the big bikes only), followed quickly by the postponement of Buriram to later in the year, pushing Aragon up a week. A warm-up for the dreaded flyaway rounds in October and, now, November. This week, COTA postponed the Americas Grand Prix to November 15, pushing Valencia back to November 22. Argentina had no virus cases when they defaulted into the newest Round 1 scheduled for April 19; today there are 17. Does anyone see a pattern here?

Jerez is scheduled for May 3. Some might want to wager that it will become Round 1; others, such as myself, suspect that it, too, will be postponed. The ‘rona appears to be doing The Wave on the planet, migrating somewhat randomly from place to place, seeking the old, those without medical care, thriving in cold weather. Each person infected incubates the virus for five days during which he will infect two other people. The point here is that if the virus follows its current, ahem, vectors, it could push the season back to Christmas, limit it to a half schedule, or scrub it altogether. This is a concern.

Prior to posting this article, this news bulletin appeared.



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3 Responses to “MotoGP 2020 and The Domino Theory”

  1. Vrooom Says:

    That sucks. I wait anxiously for the MotoGP season every year, and this year, I’m going to have to wait a long time, and it won’t feel like a real year, much like the shortened NBA seasons.


  2. Buzz Says:

    Communism is the evil to end all evils.

    But yeah this all sucks. I’m a sports nut and I’ll have to start doing chores around the house and stuff.


  3. Old MOron Says:

    I read somewhere that FIM or Dorna requires at least thirteen races be contested in order for a champion to be crowned. It’s apropos that a virus named “corona” could derail Marquez’s reign.


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