Latest MotoGP Schedule 6/11/2020

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Attached is the latest 2020 MotoGP schedule released by FIM:

Screenshot (464)

Before getting too far into the nuts and bolts of the latest round of wishful thinking on the part of The Powers That Be, let us note that the usual blah blah blah about the virus is still in there, that this is only the latest, most radical attempt to salvage the remnants of what was to have been another Repsol/ Marquez coronation in 2020. It remains to be seen whether any actual races will take place. From a global perspective, the virus isn’t going away anytime soon. It will be with us for the foreseeable future. This is a bad thing for all types of racing, including MotoGP.

For the sake of keeping our oar in the water, we can take a moment to shred the calendar, which features two back-to-back weekends and three triple-headers. An American swing and a truncated Asian swing are pinned to the end of the scheduled schedule. Like an addendum. Like the suits at Dorna and FIM spent hours arguing about leaving these rounds on the schedule at all, given how tenuous the European part of the schedule was looking already. To suggest that MotoGP will be spending Christmas in Malaysia strains the imagination.

Nonetheless. Two rounds at Jerez on the 19th and 26th of July. A round in Brno followed by a twofer at Red Bull Ring, in a tip of the hat to Ducati Corse. Then, two rounds in Misano–mmmm–and one in Catalunya. A week in France, then two weeks in Aragon as penance. Ending with two weeks at Valencia on November 15th. In italics, basically, is a fictional Americas swing to Austin and Argentina, with an additional “swing” to Thailand and Malaysia. At risk of running into the end of the calendar. All a fantasy.

I found myself thinking about what an awesome vacation it would be to spend 10 days or so in Misano. We might spend Saturdays at the track, otherwise catching Sundays as usual on the website and reporting the results sometime after the race. It occurred to me that neither I or my wife would want to go to Italy in the summer of 2020 with The Rona out there. Adriatic Riviera or not, it’s not a good idea, at least not for us, coming from the U.S. It’s just such a beautiful place, shoehorned in-between the mountains and the sea. Our health insurance wouldn’t work over there, etc. Not in the cards.

So I’m wondering whether any of this is more than a pipe dream, if it’s not just a little something to keep us occupied during this dreadful hiatus. If there is an amusing aspect to this latest and greatest calendar it is the refutation of Carmelo Ezpeleta’s hollow claim that MotoGP is more than just a Spanish sport. Seven of the scheduled 14 rounds are in Spain, at all four usual tracks. Catalunya, perhaps because of the heated current political environment there, only gets a single week, while the other three get a pair each. The remaining seven rounds are schedule for other places on the planet. Four of the eight tracks in 2020 are in Spain. The Spanish riders will enjoy an advantage.

No Mugello. No Sachsenring. No Finland. No Silverstone. No Motegi or Phillip Island. Perhaps two of the last four races listed after the schedule could take place; probably none of them will. Some of Marc Marquez’s bread and butter–Austin and Sachsenring–won’t happen. He should still do okay.

With all the drama surrounding the signings for 2021-22 it will be slightly weird to see the lame ducks–Petrucci, Pol Espargaro, Alex Marquez, Jack Miller in a way, possibly no Andrea Iannone–knowing they are headed to greener pastures in 2021 regardless of what, if anything, happens this year. Rossi’s last year on the factory Yamaha. The two Suzuki riders gunning for Alien status. Marquez fighting off all challengers. The era continues, assuming there is a racing season in 2020.

I suspect this latest schedule should be thought of as Hypothetical. So many things need to go right, and so few things can go wrong, that the odds against us watching these remarkable athletes racing in anger in 2020 are long. Will they pipe in noise? Will they let fans in? Will they provide all of the necessary yellow smoke? Will the marshals have masks? The mechanics?

At this point, the 2020 MotoGP schedule looks fantastic, as in a figment of someone’s fertile imagination. If it happens, I look forward to being wrong and getting jacked up on Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t we all.

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13 Responses to “Latest MotoGP Schedule 6/11/2020”

  1. Vrooom Says:

    Would like to see them commit to something even if it means running the races with no fans, but that would be economically challenging. I want to see Quarataro on a factory bike, even if it is a Yamaha!


  2. Michael H Coleman Says:

    Hello Bruce, As much of a hodge podge as it is we will have to make do with what the gods of Covid have thrown our way. However with helmets and leathers on the riders will have themselves well protected, no worries about social distancing.
    Ontario, Canada


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      There’s no such thing as ‘no worries’ with this virus, as it will crash a party and start one of its own in a single evening. Big groups of people breathing each other’s air is a recipe for disaster. But that’s just me.


      • Michael H Coleman Says:

        My family doctor has always said that society is too clean. We need other people’s germs to build resistance.
        Be Good


        • Starmag Says:

          +300,000. If bubble boy is where we are headed, I want no part. Corporate Pharma is around 100 years old and homo sapiens is estimated to be 300,000 years old.


  3. Buzz Says:

    I don’t know what date Christmas is where you live but it’s December 25th here. The current call is no later than Dec 13th.

    At least Dorna is trying to make lemonade out of Chinese lemons. I think they’ll get the Euro part done but I have my doubts about the Texas and Argentine part. The Austin track is always in financial trouble so no way they race without fans unless someone hands over a big wad of cash.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      Dude, that bit would involve five rounds in five weeks on four continents. Can’t see it.


      • Starmag Says:

        Maybe it’s the Jack and Cokes talking, but I agree with both of you. I still have tickets for COTA, but I fear both of your pragmatisms is correct. I’m not looking forward to the battle with COTA for my $200 back.


  4. Old MOron Says:

    Hey Brucey! Do you have any info on the state of the MotoGP bikes? Aren’t they supposed to be inspected and homologated before the first race of the year? That race hasn’t taken place, so have the OEM been improving the bikes for the last three months? Will we see some crazy aero schemes? Will Yamaha have found some horsepower? Any news?


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I read the same stuff you do. I’m not sure anyone knows what’s up, but you can bet that everyone’s been tinkering away, since nothing has been fixed for 2020. Apparently whatever ends up getting fixed for 2020 will also apply in 2021. My wife and I booked a short trip to northern Michigan in mid-September and neither of us are confident it will be safe to travel. All we get at this point is how happy everyone but the Honda riders are with the 2020 bikes. Then, Honda goes out and sweeps the floor with them. Rossi must be excited about his move to SRT for the merchandising opportunities it presents.


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