MotoGP + Covid = No Brolly Girls

© Bruce Allen

A loyal reader wrote to remind me that I had neglected to go off on what might have been a classic rant having to do with the safety and well-being of the people, other than the riders, who have the greatest effect on me personally. Guys like Wayne Rainey in their wheelchairs–not why I watch. F1 guys from the 80’s I never heard of–couldn’t care less. Some Spanish soccer phenom with negative body fat percentage –so?

The worst part about MotoGP in the age of Covid is the absence of brolly girls. In years past, when Marquez has clinched in Australia or Japan, they were the only things keeping people tuned in for the webcast for the last few rounds. Sure, not having the fans in the stands, no clouds of yellow smoke, all these things are missing. But no brolly girls? For those of you suffering from withdrawal, here’s a few fine memories.

Screenshot (313)Screenshot (258)Screenshot (217)Screenshot (183)Screenshot (167)MotoGPgirls4MotoGPgirls1Screenshot (13)

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6 Responses to “MotoGP + Covid = No Brolly Girls”

  1. Starmag Says:

    +1000. They make the world go round you know. Thanks for the beautiful overview. There’s more important things than beauty, but that doesn’t make beauty bad.

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  2. Buzz Says:

    Thanks China! “China is asshole!”-Anonymous Hong Kong protester.


  3. Old MOron Says:

    Thank you, Brucey. Your loyal following is well deserved.

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  4. prakasit Says:

    My favorite, Rizlar Suzuki girls dressing a cops. Although understandbly, for some, a burly crew guy may be an improvement. For each his/her own fetishes.


  5. Old MOron Says:

    Wow, how about that qualifying session? Both of them.
    Way to go, Zarc the Shark!

    The race stewards are applying the track limits and waving yellow flag rules rigorously. Lecuona suffered for it in Q1, and P.Espargaro in Q2. Oh well, follow the rules, boys.

    Speaking of the Espargaros, how about Aleix? He was on the front row until the final minute. Ended up in P4. On the Aprilia.

    They say the race will be a slow one tomorrow, with everyone conserving tires. That means the final eight laps or so could give us the knife fight in a phone booth that we love so much. Yes, please!


    • Mad4TheCrest Says:

      I am stressing because I am not seeing a Bruce Allen GP preview for tomorrow’s race. Really hard to predict anything this season, but I love reading Bruce giving it a try.


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