MotoGP Red Bull Ring II Warm-Up

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Before we get going, WordPress is messing with me with a new, apparently mandatory content formatting tool, which involves a number of workarounds and, once complete, is at about half the ordinary size, straining my already weak eyes. So if this turns out to be crap, blame it on The Man.

MotoGP Posts Photos of ‘The Crash at Red Bull Ring.’ Here are the two I was talking about in the article.

This is Morbidelli’s Yamaha, passing in front of Rossi after somehow just missing Vinales.

This is what remains of Zarco’s Ducati as it sails inches over the head of Rossi, who saw it coming and ducked out of the way.

Apparently Dorna feels someone should be punished for all this, but it’s more the track layout; this applies to both wrecks, including the Moto2 crash that ensued when Hafez Syahrin pulled out into the slipstream and smack into Enea Bastiannini’s abandoned Kalex. I couldn’t seen what happened between Zarco and Morbidelli, but I sense it was Zarco running up the Italian’s back perhaps? Someone out there knows.

Thanks to long time reader Mad4TheCrest, who took time out of his busy schedule earlier in the week to point out that I had mistakenly put Aussie Remy Gardner back in Moto3 on Sunday. I have since corrected this amateurish mistake. I get up early on race days and am never at my best at 6 in the morning. It is a comfort to know that someone, somewhere actually reads this stuff.

Pol Espargaro

Pol Espargaro these days reminds me–and please don’t take this wrong–of Marco Simoncelli in 2012 (yes I know the year he died on the track in Sepang). But here’s the similarity. Sic had been around for awhile coming up, too tall for the small bikes, overly aggressive on the Gilera as a rookie in the premier class in 2011. 2012 dawns and he discovers that, for whatever reason, he is suddenly fast. Fast enough to crash out of four of the first ten races of 2012. But over five of the last six races of his life he recorded three P4, a P3 and a P2 at Phillip Island.

Pol Espargaro, suddenly fast on the KTM, looking forward to getting even faster on the Honda RV213V, is who Warren Zevon referred to in his unforgettable anthem, “Excitable Boy.” No, he doesn’t go around slicing up his girlfriends. But he is currently a hazard to himself and those around him, and will be until he gets used to the idea that he doesn’t have to ride like a madman to be in the mix.

Quick Hitters

Loyal follower Allison gave me props in a comment about my sheer prescience when it some to the subject of Joan Mir, who took P2 on Sunday [after I had been jocking him since he was in Moto3.] Yes, from this lofty roost I occasionally can spot one–Rins is another; wonder why they end up at Suzuki?–but I never saw Brad Binder coming, having discounted KTM Moto2 riders as simply being unable to secure Hondas. Binder seems to be another one of these guys constructed from steel cables who is capable of wrestling the KTM, or a Honda or Ducati, to a draw, with all that speed as a bonus. His ride on Sunday, from 17th to 4th, was olympic… My boy OldMoron picked that one… And I’m still waiting to hear from MOron Sayyed on the subject of KTM and its place in the racing universe. I think old Sayyed is strictly a guy… The crap they put people through on this site to make comments gripes me to no end. If enough people agree we can move these comments back to MO and use the Dorna press releases they are now posting as a comments section for the Dummies stuff. Let me know, or perhaps I’ll just start leaving comments on MO and y’all can follow if you wish.

In the interregnum of Marquez’ broken arm, the racing and competition is tight as wallpaper in all three classes. Having a MotoGP season in which the result is not predetermined is a blast. Aside from Albert Arenas in Moto3 no one is really getting away. The premier class will tighten up considerably once Marquez and Bagnaia are back in the fold. But there is not time in the schedule for healing and the doubles and triples cause the riders to have to perform at less than full strength, increasing the likelihood of more mishaps. This calendar is going to cost some riders and some teams dearly.

Finally, it seems Zarco cracked a bone in his wrist during Sunday’s maelstrom. He certainly won’t be at full strength, if he rides at all, this weekend.

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31 Responses to “MotoGP Red Bull Ring II Warm-Up”

  1. Vrooom Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Bag man back. Bagnaia was showing potential. It is super nice not knowing the winner of races before FP1 starts. Hoping Marquez is slow for awhile. Meanwhile what’s up with Quartaro? He was on fire the first few races, and not even smoldering recently.


    • Starmag Says:

      I’m not a particular Baggy fan, but I love to see rookies challenging the older guard. I was really disappointed to see his Duc go up in smoke when he was #2 in that race. You may be asking too much of him after an injury, But I’d love to be surprised.

      El Diablo has his consistency issues if you watch closely. Prove me wrong Mephistopheles!


  2. Grado Says:

    As far as the big one last week……imho…….contrary to popular belief, that one is on the rookie.

    It’s a downhill, left hand sweeper. Zarco got past him.
    Morbidelli, sure, might have misjudged the power of the draft at that speed. Or the weight of the Motogp bike.
    He was in the way, the pass was clean, and he plowed right into the rear of Zarcos bike.

    Ya, someone has to pay, agreed.

    But it ain’t Zarco.


  3. Allison Sullivan Says:

    I have to admit tot being surprised that Binder’s already won a race, but not that he’s doing well on the KTM. I thought he would. He and Pol are both alligator wrestlers in a way that Zarco was not, and suddenly having a machine with speed AND manners this season has been a godsend for both.I suspect Pol will do well on the Honda next season too, for the same reason (although the RC might have slightly less in the way of manners …)

    All I can say is that Dani Pedrosa must be a wizard, because the difference in the KTM this season is stunning, and a lot of people are attributing it to his input. In that case, sticking Binder’s win in Puig’s face must have been very satisfying.

    I’d like Rins to stay on his bike this weekend please. Dude’s taken over from Maverick Vinales as the king of getting into his own head …


    • Starmag Says:

      I love your comments Allison. So informed. I’ll go out on a ledge here and say most girls don’t care, it’s sort of a guy thing usually. That’s what makes you participation so great. Your comments are better and more informed than a lot of guy comments I read. Bravo.


    • Dale Mensch Says:

      Can’t remember if I’ve said this here before, but both Stoner and Marquez won first time out on bikes developed by Pedrosa


  4. murrat Says:

    Long time lurker, just wanted to pop up and share my 2 cents. Zarco was definitely squeezing in, but there looks to be room and his data shows he braked later there than any other lap. Sounds like JZ and FM are getting sent to the principals office this weekend to get a slap on the wrist. Not a fan how Rossi and FM were dragging Zarco through the mud in the media


  5. Starmag Says:

    “If enough people agree we can move these comments back to MO and use the Dorna press releases they are now posting as a comments section for the Dummies stuff. Let me know, or perhaps I’ll just start leaving comments on MO and y’all can follow if you wish.”

    Yes to either or both Bruce

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bruce Allen Says:

      There is one other option–I can cut and past my entire articles into the Disqus section of the press releases. Not bad. I’m not being mean to Evans, but my wife is making fun of me for letting him post my work for nothing.


      • Starmag Says:

        Although I consider you a better writer than I, I sent MO what I thought was a humous and colorful article for free and they haven’t published. lol. I don’t think Burns likes me much.

        My wife also. I guess they keep us on our toes. I counter with budgets aren’t what they used to be. For a musical analogy, I play out a bit and pay has been cut in half when you can find a gig.

        Posting your quality spiel in the comments works for me, but might not for Evans. I just got “shadow banned” at Common Tread despite following their commenting rules and being polite with never any name calling. I guess they just didn’t like my opinions. Pussies. The window of free speech appears to be narrowing.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Starmag Says:

    By the way Bruce, wherever you got that pic of Top Gun covering up with both hands off the bars, it’s awesome, I hadn’t seen it before. No crack on Mav, I would have been too. Scary. No wonder his “clutch” went bad.


  7. Starmag Says:

    One last thing Bruce. As to your first paragraph, CTL and + to enlarge?


  8. Eduardo Says:

    KTM seems to be becoming a force to take seriously this or next year. And Pol, whom I really dislike, might be having second thoughts on signing for Honda. Also, I hope Fabio gets to win the title this year, it would be nice seeing a satellite team winning the championship. And I kind of lost my train of thought. And finally, if Dovi wins this year it would be very bad for Ducati, winning the title and losing the champion.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Buzz Says:

    Looking at the videos and still photos, it still gives me chills. It’s just amazing someone wasn’t killed or seriously injured.

    That ghost rider hit that barrier and went airborne at just the right time. If it had continued on its path, we might be reading Maverick’s obit right about now.


  10. Old MOron Says:

    Hey Brucey!
    If you do wind up annoying Evans, that MOron, we’ll all just say that you’re and excitable boy. Great musical reference.


    • Old MOron Says:

      AN excitable boy (I should wash these sloppy fingers.)

      As for posting on MO, all you have to do is work Harley-Davidson into your race coverage. Then those hosers in Toronto will tell Evans to open his purse for you.


  11. prakasit Says:

    Marquez is out for at least 2-3 months. Now the championship is officially wide open. This turns out to be exciting despite absence of Brolly girl. I am too lazy to look up the points standings. But I cheering for Dovi. Rossi has not been top tranch rider in a long long time.


    • Old MOron Says:

      Dovi is currently second in the championship. Didn’t qualify very well today, though. I’m torn. I would very much like to see Dovi do well. But don’t want to see Ducati do well. Oh, well!


  12. Old MOron Says:

    Looks like it’s raining lightly right now, with a 20% chance of rain at race time tomorrow. I hope it rains.


  13. mad4thecrest Says:

    For an informal ‘league’ run amongst a few longtime online bike forum friends, I chose Vinales, Binder, and Mir as my fantasy team for the season. I am hoping all three will have a decent Sunday.

    Zarco looked good in qualifying but will start from the back of the grid due to penalty. Here’s hoping he keeps a cool head while working up through the pack.

    These previews are much appreciated Bruce, but I do wish they’d appear in MO since WordPress has been a pain; although now that I broke down and signed up for a page I should be able to ‘like’ comments now (Sheesh).

    Sorry, Bruce, it must be getting old to hear this from me, but I have to make a correction: the late Marco Simoncelli left us in October 2011, in his second year in the MotoGP top class, riding for LCR Honda. He had won the 250cc championship on a Gilera.

    Looking forward to the post-race write-up. Hopefully you will be writing good things about Mir, Binder, and Vinales.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I actually looked up Simoncelli’s record at Wikipedia. The year I’m doing from memory, and I agree with you. I missed the LCR bit, but now that you mention it, it was with Honda where he suddenly starting winning podia. Thanks.


  14. The orange buell guy Says:

    I for one miss the MO content. I’m getting tired of signing up for new stuff just to follow one guy around. Also that second picture is Vinny ducking, not rossi.


    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I thought someone was following me around. It was you? Sorry about the hassle, but I’m too old to work for nothing. I love the guys at MO, but my wife makes fun of me.


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