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Good news for you gearheads who prefer to share your comments and criticisms on DISQUS rather than going through the hassle of signing up at the site.

My man Evans has agreed to allow me to re-post my articles in the Comments section of articles on MO that are MotoGP-related, i.e., press releases after races that Dennis Chung kindly posts.

Beginning in Misano, I hope to share my stuff in the Comments section itself, one big cut-and-paste job each week. There will be no images on MO, but I will continue to steal-and-paste them into the blog posts.

The only reason left for me to work hard on MotoGP is the giggles I get from reading your comments and kibbitzing on your arguments amongst yerselves. No money, no fame, no glory, just a few laughs.

I’m not sure at this time whether DISQUS has a character limit on its comments; I think not. If so, I may have to post Part 1 and Part 2 occasionally. No big deal.

Everyone who cares–take a moment out of your busy lives and give Evans a little love. He’s doing what he can to keep my thoughts and prayers flowing to you MOrons.


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9 Responses to “Share Comments on!”

  1. Mad4TheCrest Says:

    I give Evans a hard time because he can seem an opinionated SOB on occasion, but that’s a journalistic affliction in general, and I know he’s a good guy and does the best he can with what he’s got. And keeping MO alive is a really good thing indeed.


  2. Vrooom Says:

    Funny, I used to be on MO daily, but haven’t for 18 months now, the only thing I found I really enjoyed were your write ups, and they’re here. But I’ll go comment there in the interest of keeping motojournalism partially afloat.


  3. Starmag Says:

    High fives. Whatever keeps the Bruce Show on the road. I give Evans a lot of compliments already for keeping it going in tough economic conditions, but have no problem with giving him another. Disqus is the best thing so far as far as I’m concerned and many websites use it. It’s just easy. Other than recaptcha on a phone, that is.


  4. Old MOron Says:

    Oh great, all we have to do is wait for MO to actually cover MotoGP. What’s the matter with those MOrons? (I know: it’s the hosers in Tornoto.)


    • Starmag Says:

      Your first sentence is the fly in the ointment. What are they thinking? Bruce’s articles are among the most commented on, which you would think would produce the all important clicks, but who knows what metric they go by.

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    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I noticed they occasionally post press releases from Dorna summarizing the race results. Told Evans that’s all they need to do in the future if they want the comments to show up on their site. He seems to miss the coverage and comments. I’m just going through the back door so my wife doesn’t make fun of me for giving my work away. Cheers to all of you.


  5. Old MOron Says:

    Anyway, congrats Brucey!
    Look forward to giving you your rash if shit on that MOronic platform.

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  6. sami Says:

    congrats Brucey! keep it up brother


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