MotoGP 2022 Round Ten – Sachsenring

Once again, this article will start out as a place for comments and my notes from practice and qualifying, if any. I will then do my usual Sunday purgative and we can get the comments ball rolling on what has become just a dandy 2022 season.

I should be able to do a respectable job in Germany as my home schedule is bad but not terrible. But for the Assen round I am simply screwed. Driving across country to Delaware on Saturday, attending a wake for my oldest friend and our friends on Sunday. I might stay on in DC on Monday if I can find a reason for doing so. Anyway, driving back across the country on either Monday or Tuesday. So, y’all had better take your shots this week and make them count. Next week you’re pretty much on your own. The good news is that Evans’ Mid-Season Recap will post pretty early in the summer vacation, I hope.

Back in the day when Cole Trickle was playing with his hair and mustache, he always reminded me of this guy.

Moto3 notes: Izan Guevara is the next Next Great Latin Rider. The second coming of Pedro Acosta. Acosta won at Sachsenring last year. Today young Izan eclipsed wonderkid Acosta’s time over 27 laps by 24 seconds, almost a full second per lap. So, we are left with the conclusion that Guevara has more mojo than Acosta. Both will be plying their trade in the premier class in the next few years. Not an exciting race.

Moto2 notes: The pool I organized to predict that lap on which Sam Lowes will crash–the number 14 kept coming up. Whatever. Augusto Fernandez won by 10 seconds, the second lousy race of the day. Celestino Vietti did Moto2 a favor by crashing out, allowing the title chase to tighten up a little.

Race Day notes: Three snoozers in one day. Moto3 was a rarity, a wire-to-wire win from pole by the impressive Izan Guevara. The championship tightened up. Lots of other stuff happened.

Moto2 was another forgettable race, Augusto Fernandez putting on a show with teammate and Alien-in-waiting “Vote for Pedro” Acosta taking forever to move through the field to claim P2 in another glorious day for the KTM outfit. The championship tightened up. Lots of other stuff happened.

In MotoGP, the reigning 2021 winner and 2022 champion-in-waiting, Fabio Quartararo did it to us again, ran off and hid from the rest of the field. Took Zarco with him in a blatant display of nationalism. Jack Miller out-dueled Aleix for P3. The championship did not tighten up, and not much else happened.

Next week’s report may not get done at all. The logistics are simply overwhelming. I will try to put a little something together later in the week. But do not despair! Our Mid-Season Review will post during the summer break. Mentally, I’ve already awarded the 2022 title to Fabulous, but we need something to keep us off the streets at least until the NFL resumes.

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18 Responses to “MotoGP 2022 Round Ten – Sachsenring”

  1. Starmag Says:

    Since Aprilia has been placing, Pop gun for the win!

    Since Yamaha has been winning, Franco for the win!

    Since Honda won three races last year, Pol for the win!

    Ha ha, just kidding.

    Apparently the rider does matter.

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  2. Old MOron Says:

    Fabio, BaggyEyes, and Beastie on the podium. Bezz is the dark horse. Poor Martin is going to crash again. Probably Bins, too. And the recipient of the Dennis Rodman trophy? Cole Trickle.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Vrooom Says:

    Aleix is going to want to make up for quitting early. He’ll get the win, with some Ducati’s behind him is my guesstimate. Fabio will be top 5 too. Picking the favorites is always easy.


  4. Buzz Says:

    The Aprilia is going to be painted in a checkered flag livery so asparagus will know what one looks like.


  5. Old MOron Says:

    Hmm, looking at the race pace, it seems like it’s Fabio against the Ducatis.
    Should be fun.


  6. Buzz Says:

    3 snoozers for sure. Apparently Pecco’s hard rear tire didn’t have enough heat in it because it seems like he barely cracked the throttle in that turn and it still spun. We were also treated to Suzuki and Honda crashes.

    Cole Trickle somehow got his rig stuck in the low rider position and had to retire. At least the dismount was easy with the bike so low to the ground. Maybe the SS can get the President a ride height device.

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    • Starmag Says:

      El Diablo is reminding me of Mr. Smooth. Amazing but boring out front wins. Lorenzo didn’t walk around the pits with his leathers unzipped to the crotch though. Ciest la vie.

      Lol. That might help Mr. 33%’s dismounts, but sadly for all of us, not his dementia.


  7. Old MOron Says:

    Yawn, we don’t even have a Dennis Rodman this week.
    But we DO have a new Jorge Martin.
    The new Martinator is BaggyEyes.


  8. paulevalence Says:

    Maaannnnnn I’m so disappointed that Simon was back for the podium interviews. Last Race’s interviewer was GREAT!

    This week: “how do you feel, how does it feel, what does it feel like…” Trash..


  9. dmensch Says:

    Odd stats at Assen: the top Japanese bike was in 8th place. No Yamahas scored any points (like Honda last week). It’s been decades since any of those things happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Old MOron Says:

      Yeah, and 3 out of 4 Yams failed to finish the race.
      Next year they’ll have only two bikes on the grid.


  10. Old MOron Says:

    How about a round of applause for the Crazy Boy of Moto2?
    Oh well, I suppose Bruce will get to all of this in his midseason analysis.


  11. Old MOron Says:

    I nominate Cole Trickle for the Dennis Rodman award this week.
    He benefitted from Miller’s long-lap penalty, Fabio’s crash, and Aleix’s being pushed to 15th place by Fabio’s crash.


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