Marquez to miss Jerez round

2023 has become another clusterf*ck in Marc Marquez’s late career. Honda has taken the greatest rider since Valentino Rossi and reduced him to a stumbling, fumbling shadow of his former self.

Since it’s a given he will crash several times upon his return–notice the word “possibly” in front of Le Mans–he had better heal completely. Maybe just take the rest of the year off, get prepared for the Ducati in 2024. He can take Alex’s seat.

HRC needs to go away. Take Yamaha with them. Turn MotoGP into a completely European parlor game. Let the Japanese manufacturers concentrate on Moto3 and manufacturing little 80cc and 125cc urban runabouts. They can no longer cut it in the big displacement competition.

Oh, and the Kazakh round has, predictably, been cancelled. Waiting on word of the cancellation of India.

Good thing Pecco keeps falling off his bike. Otherwise, interest in this sport would be zero.

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4 Responses to “Marquez to miss Jerez round”

  1. Spiff Says:

    I agree 100%. Just think if Marquez had listened to the doctors, and did not ride five days after breaking his arm. Why did the Japanese manufacturers lose their grasp of the industry, not just racing?

    Something from last week. Notice everyone losing the front. Think that maybe the focus on “safe tire pressure” might be backfiring?


  2. Buzz Says:

    Borat hardest hit.


  3. Vrooom Says:

    Well, Honda did win the last race, so there’s that. They probably won’t get another though. Yamaha Has slightly more potential. They’ll be dominant again, but it might take a half dozen years.


  4. Starmag Says:

    Honda and Yamaha don’t need to leave the series, it would be more boring if they did. Look at how long Ducati struggled until lately. There should be a 4 bike limit per manufacturer. Ducati’s more than 1/3rd of the grid is an unfair advantage in data if nothing else.

    It’s hard to imagine at this point Antman staying at Honda past this year. The clock is ticking hard for him.

    Your last sentence is sadly right on the money.


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