Sorry Folks, it’s Too Soon

I expected to do my usual slovenly job this weekend, covering all three MotoGP races, and there was plenty of material to work with. I watched “Peccorino” Romano Fenati dominate everything all weekend in Moto3. I got thrown off the MotoGP site for the entire premier class race–awesome–but watched your boy Fabio put his boot on the throat of the 2021 championship later in the day. I tuned into the Moto2 race just in time to catch the order of finish–Gardner, Bezzecchi and Navarro–minus Raul Fernandez who, I’m told, crashed late, putting a big old suppurating gash in his championship aspirations.

But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t write it. Sure, I’m happy Dovi is re-employed at Yamaha where he had success earlier in his career. I’m happy Pol got a Pole and Aleix got himself a podium. But compared to what we have going on here, it just seemed somehow inappropriate. As in, what am I doing cracking jokes about motorcycles when our three daughters just lost their mom? If I were a serious writer, writing about serious subjects, using serious words, perhaps I could cobble up something. But the cheap laughs just aren’t working for me this week, and without them, I’m just another scribbler.

So, on to Aragon. I will keep trying this until it starts working again. Thanks for your patience.

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18 Responses to “Sorry Folks, it’s Too Soon”

  1. Allison Sullivan Says:

    I can’t even imagine how much you have going on right now. The rest of the world isn’t going anywhere, come on down when you’re ready. Sending good vibes your way.

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  2. Starmag Says:

    When it’s right for you, it’s right for me. Other Motogp sites have boring factual recital, I can wait for the good stuff from you, so I’m not going anywhere. Lucky you. lol.

    I don’t follow the lower classes and El Diablo looks, at this point anyway, to have a lock on the season.


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  3. Michael Coleman Says:

    Sorry for your loss, Bruce, my condolences.
    Old Mike
    Ontario, Canada


  4. dmensch Says:

    Ready when you are, Bruce! Queuing up lots of snarky rejoinders to keep you in your journalistic comfort zone.

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  5. Prakasit Says:

    Hi Bruce, it’s good to be love ones during time like this. We will read your stuff whenever it comes out.
    Don’t feel so bad about being kicked out, apparently a lot of peoe did. I was also one of them.

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  6. Mad4TheCrest Says:

    No worries, Bruce. The time it takes for you to feel ready is the time it takes. We can wait. Heck, GP can wait!

    About the GP stream going south. Apparently it did for many many people. I received a Dear Subscriber apology via email about it. Non compensating swag, though. 🥺

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    • Bruce Allen Says:

      I wish, just once, when they need some poor staff guy to whip out his crow fork on behalf of the shareholders of Dorna and produce 200 words in English, they would select someone whose first language is English.


  7. Bryan Townsend Says:

    Take your time. We’re happy putting words in your mouth. Marquez in tranche 4, Aleix in one, the usual lies. Hope your family is doing as well as possible.

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  8. paulevalence Says:

    No worries, just be a normal spectator for a bit, like the rest of us. I was sad as soon as Marquez crashed out; was looking forward to watching him fight the world as usual.

    I was also sure that Rins would have an unforced crash out of second, and that Aleix would fade down the order by the end of the race; but I was happy that neither of those came true.

    When was the last MotoGP race where no riders crashed/retired from the race?


    • Allison Sullivan Says:

      I’m not an Aleix fan, but I was screaming at the TV when Miller got past on that last lap. I wanted SO badly for him to podium.

      And I was another one waiting for Bins to go for a gravel facial on the last 2 laps, like he so often has … kudos to him on the comeback.

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      • paulevalence Says:

        Agreed, Aleix vs Miller on the last lap was definitely the most exciting part of the race! I, too, was pleased with the outcome


    • Old MOron Says:

      I laughed my ass off with schadenfreude when MM crashed out uninjured. I thought he should be sanctioned for barging young Martin out of the race, too. I guess he’s still the golden boy for now. To his credit, he owned up for his mistake.


  9. Mark Says:

    No worries Bruce. We will be here when you feel up to it. Hang in there buddy!


  10. Buzz Says:

    Interesting that Aprilia finally got its first podium before Cole Trickle turned a wheel in anger. Stole some of his (Days of) Thunder.


  11. Old MOron Says:

    Is it too soon to say “I told you so” about Naughty Fenati?


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